Health and wellness studio open in Cool Springs

  • October 8th, 2018  

    Pure Sweat + Float Studio celebrates opening with special promotions and firefighter discounts; opening day to benefit Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

    FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Oct. 8, 2018 – The nation’s first health and wellness franchise offering both infrared saunas and float therapy is open October 9 in Cool Springs. Brentwood resident Meredith Lile is opening the Pure Sweat + Float Studio, Cool Springs location at Southside at McEwen, the popular shopping center anchored by Whole Foods.

    The inviting and tranquil space includes six sauna suites and two float suites featuring the most state-of-the-art technology currently available in the industry. The full-spectrum infrared mPulse cabins by Sunlighten provide three wavelengths of light, experienced as heat, which create a deep, detoxifying tissue sweat. In addition to their detoxifying properties, these luxe infrared saunas burn calories, promote pain relief and circulation, anti-aging and skin health, and improved blood vessel function.

    “I am beyond thrilled to be opening the space and introducing our services to the community,” said Lile. “I’ve personally experienced the benefits of both infrared sauna and float therapy first-hand, and have heard countless stories from others that incorporate into their healthy living regimen.”

    Opening specials include one complimentary service when you buy either a float membership or sauna membership through Oct. 25. So, if you purchase a float membership by Oct. 25, you will receive one free sauna service. “Contributing to the community is a big part of our business strategy and we look forward to partnering with local nonprofit organizations and supporting their missions with not only monetary contributions, but also services for those who may benefit the most,” said Lile.

    Local nonprofit Scott Hamilton CARES will be the recipient of a portion of sales during Pure Sweat and Float Studio’s first day of opening. Additionally, local firefighters receive 20 percent off services and memberships. “While everyone can benefit from our services, we’ve learned that firefighters in particular use infrared saunas to help purge toxins accumulated in their systems.” Williamson Chamber will also host a ribbon cutting on Oct. 25.
    The studio’s two float therapy suites – complete with en-suite showers – feature Float Orbs from Superior Float Tanks. In each pod, 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt are dissolved in warm, filtered water, where individuals float effortlessly for 40 or 60 minutes. The salinity of the water creates a gravity-free sensation, which relieves back and joint pressure and allows clients to reach a meditative, relaxed state of being, among a host of other benefits. Each float is completely customizable with ambient lighting, music options, and an adjustable lid

    Pure Parties, a signature service of Pure Sweat + Float Studio, are customized three-hour wellness experiences designed to connect, relax and celebrate with a group of friends within the privacy of the entire studio. Pure Parties are often combined with like-minded partner services to offer a complete and unique day of wellness.

    About Float Therapy
    Over 60 years of research into floatation therapy has revealed the power of weightlessness, total stillness and soothing Epsom salt water to act together as a healing force so that deep physical recovery and mental relaxation can be achieved. PS+FS offers 40 or 60-minute float sessions in pure buoyancy which creates the feeling of a gravity-free environment, relieving all pressure and stress normally placed on one’s body.

    The reduction of environmental stimulation – such as sight, talk, interruption and noise – enables the mind to become tranquil and clear. Notable figures who are major advocates of Floating include NBA Star Steph Curry, Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, members of the Titans and The Nashville Ballet, New England Patriots – who have Superior Float Pods in their Training and Recovery Center – and Tom Brady, who has the same Pod in his home.

    About Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy
    Infrared is an invisible wavelength of medical grade light, experienced as heat, that can safely penetrate human tissue and warm the body on a cellular level, creating a detoxifying sweat, as well as advanced health and healing. Unlike traditional saunas, which solely heat the air around you and operate in excess of 200°F, Infrared warms within the body and is enjoyed at a milder temperature (130°-145°F).

    The studio’s cabins offer a full spectrum of Far, Mid and Near Infrared wavelengths. Each wavelength targets a different part of the body to produce specific health benefits:

    FAR Infrared: The longest wavelength, targeting and breaking up tightly packed toxins so they can be purged through sweat. FAR is effective in detoxification, weight Loss (up to 600 calories per session), and in lowering blood pressure.

    MID Infrared: Targets muscles and joints, reducing inflammation. MID is effective in pain relief, improved circulation and weight loss.

    NEAR Infrared: The shortest wavelength, targets the skin. NEAR is effective in promoting cellular health, wound healing and anti-aging.

    Standard sessions are 40 minutes, with all wavelengths set at 100 percent for full body therapy. Each sauna suite comes with towels, as well as a basket of fitness accessories, including massage/muscle rollers and resistance bands for enhanced workouts or physical therapy. Each cabin also includes a touch screen tablet so guests can enjoy complimentary entertainment options, such as Pandora and Netflix, all while they sweat! Guests can also enjoy the cabin’s chromotherapy, or color therapy, creating an array of color healing ambiance.

    Notable figures that are major advocates of infrared therapy include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Lady Gaga, Meghan Markle, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mark Hyman, and members of The Nashville Ballet.

    PS+FS, Cool Springs is located at 1560 W McEwen Drive, Suite 154, Franklin, TN 37067. The opening date and grand opening celebration dates will be announced soon. Learn more at, like and follow at: and