Services + Capabilities

As a full-service public relations firm, we specialize in developing integrated communications programs that connect you directly with your target audience, always striving to effectively share your unique story in compelling ways. We dig deep to understand your brand and your customers, and implement campaigns designed to grow your business and create brand loyalty.
We also tout an extensive network of professionals across the country to assist us in getting the job done. We work daily with top professionals in advertising, graphic design, web development and printing, bringing together the best team for the task at hand.
Following are just a few of the types of activity we pursue to tell our clients’ stories.


Media Relations

The cornerstone of PR, strategic media relations helps tell clients stories through securing placements in various media outlets – these may be online, local, national or trade publications. More than simply sending a press release, effective media relations means building relationships with key journalists and writers, pitching timely story ideas and helping shape the story.


Cause-related Marketing/Community Relations

Gray PR helps clients forge alliances with nonprofit organizations for mutual benefit. Whether it’s advancing an issue or raising funds, savvy corporations know that supporting their community is not only the right thing to do, but also engages customers and impacts the bottom line.


Social Media

The proliferation of social media over the past few years has provided companies with a tremendous opportunity to engage and connect with consumers. Having a plan that capitalizes on these opportunities is a necessity. We help clients plan and manage social media with an emphasis on engagement and responsiveness to customer needs.


Marketing & Communications

Sales kits, brochures, PowerPoint presentations – in our online world, they still have a place in effective communications. Gray PR can assist in strategy, copywriting and execution of materials. We can also assist in the development of websites, email marketing campaigns and design and management of social media sites.


Public Affairs & Issues Management

Gray PR helps clients plan strategically for the long-term, manage controversial issues, identify stakeholders and work with the media, government and other audiences to achieve strategic goals.